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Hosting Services

Once a site has been designed and developed, it needs a place to live. NETSmith offers services for new sites and current sites alike. Whether it's a custom NETSmith solution, or an existing site that needs improved hosting, NETSmith is equipped to offer exceptional hosting services, including e-mail hosting, site migration, and weekly reports.

NETSmith servers run a secure server environment - meaning all site and user data is always protected from breach. Constant security monitoring and regular maintenance ensure that all sites hosted through NETSmith are up and running 24/7.

Six times every day, each site hosted on NETSmith's servers is backed up and duplicated in order to ensure that no problems or errors go more than a few hours without being fixed. If a site ever needs to be duplicated, transferred, or restored, NETSmith makes the process as easy as it can be.

All NETSmith hosting plans include NETSmith Network Administration Services

Secure Server Environment


Daily Site Backups